Monday, November 24, 2014

Just like that, I found myself stepping foot into the gym. I have always visited the gym but have never been a member. "I hate the gym."I remember telling the recruiter who out of either pure sympathy or exhaustion from being at work- nodded and smiled at me.

I am a curvy girl. I have always been a curvy girl. Growing up "fat" or chubby but cute"  was used to describe me. I had my own share of self esteem struggles but I have come to embrace my curves, creases and bumps- until now.

Today I start my journey to become fit and healthy- not skinny-just fit. I have a body image (mind you this might change) but I am determined to accomplish.

As I stepped on the treadmill, I felt the anxiety rise in my throat. I wasn't sure if it was the out of focus man next to me or just the treadmill itself. I started with a slow pace as I fiddled with my ipod. I wanted a distraction-any distraction for what I was about to do. I quickly turned the speed up to the 5mph setting. I was tired, my throat hurt and my legs felt unsteady. Bottom line: I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE.

Finally, I was too embarrassed to take my first day picture. Maybe the second day.

Workout Day 1:
Average speed: 4.0mph
Highest Speed: 5.0mph
Duration: 20minutes

(now this is embarrassing)
-Dunkin Donuts medium coffee light and sweet

1/3 Subway's oven roasted chicken on honey oat bread (with lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, Swiss cheese, ranch and cucumber)

-Pan seared tilapia with mushrooms, pepper and onions
-boiled skinless sweet potato.

Disappointment curvy woman >: